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Okay okay, I know … I totally disappeared for almost a year. One year is a long time, especially when you’re a 21-years-old living in Miami. Of course, stuff happened. I laughed, I cried, I traveled, but most of all, I thought.

I thought about the direction I wanted my blog, but also my YouTube channel and my Instagram account to take moving forward.

It’s totally unconscious, but I realized that my personality and the image I was showing off on social media had absolutely nothing to do with my real self. I just had the impression to lose myself in all that.

It’s not always easy to let one’s true personality appear on social networks. There is, of course, the look of others. Every day, we see these dream girls posing in bikinis all over the world while we are stuck in an office or at school. It’s hard not to compare yourself. However, it is easy to tell yourself that if you had such a pair of sneakers or that if you were going on such trip, everything would be different. The truth is, it’s not true. We must learn to be happy and positive on a daily basis.

It’s funny that we are talking about that because no later than yesterday, I received a message on Instagram from a girl who told me that I had a dream life. I agree with the fact that seen from the outside viewpoint, I live in Miami, I travel I have plenty of clothes, etc. But we have to keep in mind that we all have our struggles. I am not to be pitied, far from it. The only thing I say is that you have to be grateful for what you have. Somewhere in France or even abroad, someone envies you.

And then as Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

Anyways, we are so vulnerable, exposed, fragile on the internet. Maybe thousands of people, strangers, read my blog or look at my photos. I do not know them, do not know what they think, and yet I continue to do so. Why? You will tell me. Just because my blog is my passion. I invest 2000% of my time and energy.

So now, what’s next?

All that to say that we resume everything as before, but better!

One video a week, yay/nay on Instagram, and of course the blog, my favorite platform, every week.

I even decided to add a little extra: a newsletter. In this newsletter, you will find every Monday a selection mode, tips, advice, and some small surprises.

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Here it is, Vick’s Up is back!

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