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Louis Vuitton, a real empire of the fashion and of the French elegance, launched in 1998 the City Guides. Am I really the only one who hasn’t  heard about them yet?

I discovered them a few weeks ago during my stay in Paris. I was mainly entangled to know if these city guides were really essential or if it was only a Marketing blow from the Maison.  Indeed, a bag’s store which wants to be a travel agency … Strange, isn’t it? Discover my review.

I immediately went to the Saint-Germain-des-prés’s store to buy the Parisian copy. As usual, the crew was super welcoming although I just bought a book.


The books are divided into 7 parts. For each of them, we find a selection of addresses chosen carefully by independent authors, personalities, natives, etc… It allows having an overview of the city and the atmosphere of the multiple districts.

You are probably thinking: “Louis Vuitton who makes a tourist guide? Everything should be extremely expensive!YOU WRONG! They adapt their selection for every kind of budget. For example, we find “La Sandwicherie” in Miami which is one of my favorite places and where you can eat for around $12. This place is so good but I’ll talk about it later.

This book is a concentrated of all that you have to see, try and visit if you want to live an experience of the most complete.

You probably understood but a few days later I bought the Parisian one, I couldn’t resist and ordered the Miami copy as well.

Every single year, the collection is adapted with new addresses, corrections and even new cities. 29 cities are currently available around the world. I thus miss no more than 27 of them to complete my collection, haha. It’s time that I travel a little more!
Each book is sold for around $40 (depending on the country you buy it in).  Is that worth it? My answer is a big YES. These guides make you save up a considerable time and makes your life so easier. You will never find yourselves in a new city without knowing where to have lunch, or what to visit, not wanting to fall in the “tourists-tricks” often over-priced and vile.
Of course, Louis Vuitton is always on point. A mobile application is downloadable on iOS and Android for a version more “on-the-go“. Although the book is a completely reasonable size to slide in your handbag, we are not going to hide that the geolocalization has saved us more than once, if it is not every day.
If you like traveling and Louis Vuitton you should definitely have a look at those city guides. Once again, Louis Vuitton gets the perfect score.
What about you? Have you tried them? Do you want to?



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