“Don’t spend money on things… spend money on experiences. You’ll enjoy life a lot more!”
Ziad K. Abdelnour

The first thing on my bucket list is travel, as much as possible. I love traveling so much, it gives you different perspectives of the world. When you come back home after a travel you feel like a new person, ready to conquest the world. I have already noted that people who travel a lot are so much more open-minded than others. They can see what is really important in life and are able to step back more easily.
Maybe I should finally start to introduce you the places I would like to go to.
There are 7 main travels I’d like to do.

  • The first country is Iceland. Actually, I went to Iceland two years ago, but only at the airport aha… The landscape is said to be wonderful and above all, I would love the rest during some hours in the blue lagoons. This place looks really peaceful and relaxing.
  • Then, I don’t know why but I always dreamed of going to China to walk on the great wall. Also, the Chinese culture must be really impressive for the westerner. I would like to visit the temples and the rice field. It would be such a beautiful trip.
  • Next, I wish I could go to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) for the Carnaval. It is certainly one of the most important celebrations for people who live there. I really like the happiness that we can see on the several faces and I would be incredible to watch the parade and see all the wonderful outfit.
    Of course, I want to see the huge Christ the Redeemer’s statue and admire the beautiful view from this peak.
  • Have you ever seen the wonderful picture about Holi, the amazing and colorful Hindu festival/celebration, I think is the most colorful travel I could do. It could be absolutely rewarding to discover the Indian culture. Also, I would like to visit the Taj Mahal that’s, in my opinion, the most beautiful symbol of love in the world. Even if people from this country don’t have a lot they seem to always be happy and to find the happiness in little life’s pleasures and religion. They are thankful for everything they have. It should give a real lesson in life.
  •  I am maybe the only one who dream about going in Russia during the winter. I don’t know why but I imagine myself walking in the Saint-Petersburg with a big fur jacket and a chapka. I would love to attend to a ballet show. It was my passion when I was younger and in my mind, Russia is the capital of this art.
  • With one of my best friends, we used to say that we will leave everything to live on a desert island. I have always imagined us living in Bali. In my opinion, Bali is a paradise island. Do I am the only one who wants to do a long ride on the back of an elephant in the outstanding Bali landscapes? In fact, being on the back of an elephant is on my regular bucket list too. I imagine myself as Jane into Tarzan. I know I start being crazy when I begin dreaming.
  • The last destination but not the least is Greece. I have never been to Greece but it would be the perfect location for vacations with my friends. Just really simple vacations: sun, sea, and parties. Just get rid of all the stress accumulated during the year and enjoy life on a boat.

When I wrote this article guys, I realized I have a huge imagination. I hope that all these beautiful trips I have in my mind will become reality soon.





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  1. 05/30/2017 / 7:49

    Hi, I wish that you’ll realize all these trips one day.
    I also love traveling and my next destination is California. I’m so excited ! It will be my first time in USA.
    Your blog is pretty cool, I like it !

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