After a year of waiting, I have finally subscribed to the glam bag by Ipsy! Unfortunately, they can not ship it to Europe, that’s why I had to wait to move to the United States to order it. For those who are not familiar with the glam bag, it is a subscription box in which you receive 5 beauty products for only $10 a month. It was created by a worldwide famous YouTuber: Michelle Phan. She is now a valuable business woman with millions of followers on the socials medias. I thought it was such a great idea to discover new products for less.

How does it work?

At first, you have to take a beauty quiz which helps people to choose products adapted to your skin-tone, skin-type, etc… The glam bag is highly demanded all over the country, that is why there is a waiting list, so you have to like the different Ipsy pages on the social media to get out of it. Once it is done, you can receive your first glam bag. It usually arrives in the middle of the month–sometimes before, in a girly pinkish envelope.

I have received, a couple of days ago, the fifth glam bag of the year.  Every month has a new theme, with a new pouch. For May 2017, summer will be at the center.  I get a see through pouch with gelato cones and ice creams which really stick to the theme. I also wanted to say that all of the pouches are really useful. For example, I have planned to use this one for my wet swimwears after beach days.


What about the products?

I am overall very satisfied with what I received.

  • The first one is a mascara called superhero by ‘it’. I had never tried that brand before, and I have to tell that I am impressed. I actually like this mascara a lot. It is almost as good as my favorite one ever: the Dior show.  They quite similar. Both with a synthetic brush and both volumizing. The only thing I can reproach to the superhero by it cosmetic is that the lashes kind of stick easily together while applying but once it is done, it is not moving anymore and we have an amazing result.  I have really short lashes and it is really hard to me to find a mascara I like. I am impressed by this one and maybe I’ll buy the full size…Who knows?
  • I also got a highlighter from UrbanDecay. It totally does its job.  But I don’t really appreciate the format. It is really good to try once but not to use every day.
  • I was super happy when I saw I had a liquid lipstick. Regrettably,  I didn’t like it at all.  I did like the color, and I didn’t have one like this before but the finish is awful. First, you need at least two coats for it not to be translucent. And it is not at all the kind of mate lipstick you can wear all day long without any trouble. If you drink only once, you have to re-apply it. And at the end of the day,  the result is horrible. I also didn’t really like the applicator.
  • I am not an eyeliner person at all. I haven’t used that product so I can not really give you my opinion about the eyeliner I received from Star look Pro.  It might be useful and original for the festival period because there’s a stamp of a star on one side.
  • And finally, the last but not the least, my favorite product of this month bag. I am talking about an exfoliating cleanser by Vansati cosmetics. I literally felt in love with this product. I was looking for an exfoliating like this for such a long time. This is kind of a peeling.  It is really deep cleaning. I am already thinking of buying the full size.



Now, is the moment of my final opinion!

Will I stay subscribe? 

Yes, I will. However, I won’t stay subscribed all year long. Maybe 1 or 2 months more to discover all the Ipsy universe. I have A LOT of makeup and skincare products, so it is kind of useless to me. But as soon as I will have less, I’ll be back.

Do I recommend this subscription bag?

Of course, I do! The products are well chosen and you can discover many high-quality brands and products for almost nothing. That’s not only samples. You can really use the products more than once to build your opinion.

I will keep you guys updated of my next glam bags on Instagram or Snapchat (@vicks.up -for both)



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  1. 05/23/2017 / 9:14 PM

    They make you do so much propaganda for them, and they pay you back by not providing quality products for you to try. If you want to try new products and want a similar subscription try Birchbox, they have an actual store in NYC and the products are all good high quality products and brands. The monthly bag ain t worth it!

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