I am usually such a neutral person regarding colors. Every year I have a pure moment of madness and I start liking a lot of colors I didn’t use to.  After my obsession with yellow last year, I have started this new one with a new go-to color: RED. I thought I was the appropriate moment to talk about this. (don’t I look like a psychopath?) The Valentine’s day is getting closer and closer and the red is the color of declaration, love, passion…

If you have a crush on a girl or a guy, that’s the perfect period of the year to take the plunge and share your feelings with this special person. And if you don’t have one, don’t worry just enjoy the evening with your friends (or food, it’s kind of the same haha) and anyways, do not forget that we don’t need to have someone to date that night to be happy! You can’t be able to love someone if you don’t love yourself. That’s the most important thing to keep in mind.

By the way, I did I little selection of all the red things I like. I actually already own some of them.

    1. Victoria’s secret underwear are my favorite ones. This set is sooo comfortable, it’s like you were naked. There are sexy, and elegant at the same time.
    2. Winter is still here. What’s better than a hot sweater?
    3. My Vanessa Bruno cabas is my new go-to. It’s so handy and easy to wear.
    4. Do you want to be perfect from head-to-toe for the 14th of February? Do not forget nail lacquer. As you guys know, O.P.I. is my favorite nail lacquer brand. I wore the shade ‘Im not really a waitress’ all 2016 long. In my opinion, it is one of the classiest colors they created. It’s a rich, shimmery red that works well for everyone.
    5. My dream shoes.
    6. The Marmont bag by Gucci is such a classic, the red version if my favorite one.
    7. If you are single or taken and you decide to do a PJ’s party for Valentine’s day, a one piece jumpsuit id definitely what you need.
    8. The perfect Missguided dress for a romantic dinner with your Jules.
    9. Always a good idea to offer to your dulcinea an eternal rose to symbolize your eternal love. Go and check the  Romeo website.





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  1. André
    02/04/2017 / 10:43 AM

    Dios mio, me gusta màs tu articulo !!!!!

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