December… Already… Time have flown by.
Even if we are at the end of the year 2016 and that temperature has fallen in the main part of the world we have to stay in a good mood. Here is, in my opinion, the perfect outfit for the month of December 2016.

First of all, a cozy sweater. I do like this one from Totême. I know it’s maybe expensive for a sweater but the quality is amazing. If you want to find the same looking cheaper you can find some on the urban outfitter website.

You definitely need, your favorite pair of jeans. Tips: black + slim + high waisted = you look thinner and your booty looks good!!! Top shop jeans are said to be amazing for that!

THE perfecto, I have already talked about this one from Zara. It’s the first thing of whom I thought for this post.

Chelsea boots: This kind of boots suit with everything. (dress, jeans …). Nowadays, brands modernize the classic boots and I am in love with this one from Barneys New York. You don’t need to think to buy them, it’s always a good purchase. That’s worth it.

My favorite part of this outfit: the handbag. I am currently obsessed with cross-body bags by YSL. I do not have one and I believe that I will have to be content from another one from Zara here again.

Accessories: just stay simple and wear your fav pair of earring and a classic boyfriend watch by Fossil and that’s it.

Let’s talk about makeup. I like this color by YSL makeup, it’s the coral remix with a matte finish. Regarding nails, why not trying an orange nail polish. I do trust O.P.I. with this color from the Washington collection (freedom of peach) but you can use your favorite nail polish brand too.



See you next month with the outfit of the month of January.


Victoria alias Vick’s Up.




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