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I love taking care of my skin. It is one of the most important things for me. I asked myself for a long time what to use for my skin type, what not to do, etc…

Today, I can finally show you my skincare routine and I like it a lot. You have to keep in mind, that products which work on my skin won’t necessarily work on yours. We are all different.  If they do, I would me so happy to have helped you. As you can see on the picture down below, some of them are almost empty because I used them a lot and they worked.

My skin is combination oily. That’s crucial to use products adapted to your skin. A lot of them are not expensive at all, that’s one of the reasons I like this routine a lot.


First of all, I am cleaning my skin with a regular oily skin cleaning gel. I am currently using one by Bioderma but I also like the one from Avene a lot. I like to alternate, this way my skin is not used to only one product. I use for a long time a cream for sensitive skins from Mixa and I adore it! I think I bought it 4 times since I discovered it. It gives the skin brightness to the dull morning skin. Over I use a hydrating spray by Mario Badescu who also acts as a makeup base. For lips, I use a Carmex lip balm. It is really efficient against lips cracked. I have Carmex lip balm all over my house so put it repeatedly during the day.


I really adapt my evening routine to my day needs. Generally, I remove makeup with the micellar water from Mixa for combination to oily skin. 1 – 2 times a week, I like making a clay mask. My all times favorite is the one from Cattier but it is really difficult to find in the United States so I use that one from L’Oréal Paris which is not bad either. The jar is relatively small,  so I apply it with an old brush from ELF to distribute well the material on my whole face (except the nose). Simultaneously, I apply a band strip against the blackheads by Bioré. I let you imagine my look! By buying these bands strips, I had a lot of hope but IT WORKS. I let the whole pose for about twenty minutes. Then I rinse my face with an exfoliating scrub from  Neutrogena.  For those who have skin problems, Neutrogena is really effective.  Then, I apply a serum from Peter Thomas Roth on the small marks which I have on my face because of acne. This cream is pretty expensive but it really works. It is the very powerful cream which it is necessary to apply only to the zones which need it and in small quantity. Then, I put my new favorite cream by Mario Badescu. I discovered this brand recently and it is already a crush. The caviar night cream is super rich and has a plumping effect on the skin. In the morning we see immediately the difference. Concerning the lips, I exfoliate them with a  lip scrub by Lush 3 times a week. It is also very simple to make it with sugar and honey but I prefer this format. I always apply the Carmex lip balm after. The combination is incredible and leaves your lips really soft and eliminates all the dead skins.


I use an exfoliating scrub and a body cream from Palmer’s. The smell of these products is incredible almost addictive. They are cheap. ($4-8). I do not like soft exfoliating scrubs, which are useless in my opinion. This one really exfoliates the skin. After that, I put my cream made with coconut oil, almond, and monoïe. It is super hydrating.

You should not forget that what we eat is reflected on our skin. Personally, I have a super reactive body. If I eat to Mcdonald or others fast food, I am not going to escape to a big spot the next day (I am fortunate, nay?). By the way, the hydration of the skin is above all, made from the inside. 2 liters (1/2 gallons)  of water minimum a day are essential. I know that that can seem to be a lot at the beginning but the improvements will be visible quickly. I recently decided to adopt an almost plant-based diet to see the effects on my skin. To be honest, I have already tried a few weeks ago to do it 100 % but I held a few days only. It’s s the lifestyle which I admire a lot but which is extremely binding. I took back my normal diet but reduced animals origin. products.  I would inform you of advances in a few weeks.




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