I am currently lost thousands of feet above the Atlantic Ocean. I am on my way for Paris. I am so happy, I waited so much time for this moment. The past 6 months were so intense. I actually missed my friends so freaking much, and I can’t wait to see them again.

It’s always such a mess when I am packing for vacations. I usually start to pack at least one week before leaving. I hate forgetting something at home. I would rather bring so many things I won’t use than forgetting one of them I may use. That’s actually what happens every time.

I always keep the same organization. I don’t like being far from home, so I do as much as possible to keep my home comfort. I always use my Neverfull bag from Louis Vuitton in size MM which is so convenient and my carry-on suitcase from Le Tanneur (French store)

Usually, planes are my beauty salon/spa. I know it sounds crazy, but planes are really peaceful and calming for me. I always ask for being next to the window so I can watch the beauty of the sky and realize that humans are such a little part of the world.

Let’s see what is inside my carry-on!

  • Some distractions: some books and magazines. I am currently reading the 48 laws of power by Robert Greene.
  • Some work: my iPad, and my MacBook Pro
  • Snacks: As a Mento’s addict I make sure to have enough of them.
  • Comfy clothes: I always wear a jogger or yoga pants and a sweatshirt to travel. They are so much more comfortable than jeans. I also make sure they are warm enough because of the air conditioning. My Kenzo sweater and scarf are my go-to.
  • Beauty care products: as I told you previously, I love taking care of my self while flying above the world. My skin is always dehydrated, so I make sure to moisturize it regularly (face and body). I like using the Wilma Schumann eye mask.  keep all my products in a see through pocket from Forever 21.
  • I also keep in another pocket all my jewelry. Actually, I put everything which has a value to me in my carry-on. (home key, money, charger, jewelry…) I keep all my planes/trains tickets in a ridiculous but cute Hello Kitty sleeve.
  • I don’t think I am the only one, but I am so afraid that my suitcase gets lost. Therefore, I always take a dress, or something easy to wear, in my carry-on in case it happens.

1. Forever 21 pocket 2. Tangle Teezer 3. Mouthwash 4. eyes mask 5. Chewing-gum 6. a Straw 7. Stick deodorant 8. Makeup remover 9. Toothpaste 10. Moisturizer 11. Toothbrush 12. Hand cream and sanitizer gel 13. tissues 14. Gloss and Mascara 15. Perfume 16. a pen




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