They appear in 2016: mini bags. Wang, YSL, Versace… All the big houses of couture made they own one. But 2017 is their year. I think they are the perfect agreement between “big” bags and cross-body bags. There is no official definition of a mini bag. I have tried to find my own one. In my opinion, a « mini-bag » is a bag which is the reduction of an original one, you can wear it as a cross-body or a handbag.

If you have seen my wishlist, you know I am obsessed with handbags. (If you haven’t click here) I personally love mini-bags because they are the exact same look than the big ones but they are so much handier than their big bro for an everyday look. Everything you need fit in these bags.

Today, I wanted to share with you 5 mini bags I really like.

   1. Mini Antigona by Givenchy. I personally don’t like the original one because it is so big but the mini one is the perfect size for me. 

2. Dionysus handbag by Gucci. Ok, I’ve cheated. It’s not considered as a mini bag because it’s its original size but I love this bag so much. The bamboo handle makes the difference. It’s so original and discreet at the same time. Gucci’s empire is back.

3. Charlie nano by Lancel. The first Lancel bag I like. My favorite one is the red python one. This is the perfect chic bag.  I used to think that Lancel was bags only for grandmas but they proved that they are also a brand for young people with the Charlie nano bag. Of course, the python version is more expensive than others. If you have a smaller budget, the simple one is for you.

4. Mini Rockie by Alexander Wang. My next bag purchase. The price is more than reasonable for a high-quality bag like Alexander Wang is used to make. Moreover, it is an icon in my childhood because I used to see Blake Lively wearing the big Rocco by Wang. The problem is that if you are not carrying many things in your bag falls on itself and it is definitely unsightly.

5.  Mini Palazzo Empire by Versace. Here is THE bag the famous top model, Gigi Hadid wore all 2016 long. There are many differents colors available on the official website, so I’m sure you will find one you like. Black or colorful there is one for every taste.

Gigi Hadid carrying the iconic black mini Versace Palazzo in New York city.



Victoria alias Vick’s Up.

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