Hi guys, as you know I love traveling that’s why today I have decided to create a new category on my blog to share with you all my favorite places all over the world. For this new category why not talking about the city where I live: Miami. Indeed, for the tourists, and even for me the first time I came to Miami, Miami was only Miami beach but with the time I get to know this city with others aspects and places. On my youtube channel ( Vick’s Up) I’ve decided to film a video to portray all the amazing places I wanted to share with you. Here, are only places you can go for free, to admire the beauty of this city with a lot of hidden resources without having to spend money.


40 minutes away from Miami, in Hollande Beach, you can find one of the cutest place knows. There, you can watch horse races. That’s a kind of mini-mall with many nice places to eat or just have a drink. In my opinion, it is so much better to go there at night for dinner.


When I arrive in Miami, Bayside was one of the only places I used to know and like, because it is really close to my home and I like the mood you can feel there! Almost every day and all day long, there’s a music band with a lot of latin music and nobody can resist to dance. It so likable to go to Bayside at night after dinner to have an ice cream or a drink.
Design District

As you know, I love luxury items. In Design district you can find all the most luxurious shops like Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Hermès … and so much more, with all the new collections. Moreover, there are huge statues or sculptures in the street. That’s a really soothing place to walk around during the weekend even if you don’t buy anything. Here, you have the impression to be in another perfect world with beautiful creations.



It’s without any doubt my favorite place in Miami. Every time I go there the landscape is different. You can see street art all over the neighborhood and a lot of art gallery and pop-up stores. This place keeps changing every day. In my opinion, this is the most incredible place in Miami. Wynwood is a place I like because you keep looking everywhere and you must miss some details so you should keep your eyes open.


If you want to learn more about good places in Miami do not forget to watch my youtube video.




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