Beauty, music, influencers…I love change. However, I still have some favorite products that never have changed for a few years. 

5 beauty products

  • « Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Oil Body Cream » the best body cream I have tried so far and the smell is absolutely amazing. 
  • MARIO BADESCU – Facial Spray With Aloe, Herb, and Rosewater. I ordered this product only because I was curious to know what it was. Now I know what it is, I am absolutely addicted to it. That’s a really fresh and moisturizing spray that gives boost to the tired and dull skin. I know you can also use it as a makeup fixator but I am actually using it at a makeup primer. 
  • Rush fragrance mist by victoria’s secret. Exactly one year ago, I discovered the ‘fragrance’ which make me think of ‘La nuit-trésor’ by Lancome, one of my favorite fragrance. That’s a fresh and sweet smell like I love.  Now, it is my everyday perfume. 
  • Start-to-finish by O.P.I.  I have already tell you guys, many times that O.P.I is my favorite nail lacker brand. Since last July, I use this base/top coat which is life-changing. It protects the nails and the nail lacquer lasts so much more. It’s worth it so if you have the chance: try it!
  • I don’t like foundation a lot. Usually, my skin shines a lot every time I am wearing foundation. Recently, I have found the solution to this issue. Thanks to the oil control spray by urban decay which is a setting spray for your makeup my skin stays matte all day long. I have to tell that I don’t really like the smell but it does its job. 







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